Latest Litters

Contrary to popular opinion, pork and bacon do not come from the same pig. Some breeds make great pork and some great bacon. Some breeds are considered “dual purpose” but even a dual breed will be sent to slaughter at a different age, depending whether they are porkers or baconers.

On this page customers will be able to follow progress of our current litters.

These will link to a separate page for each litter bred, and whether it is a pork or bacon pig. From the individual litter pages we will feature details about the specific breed and its origin/history plus any other relevant information about flavors and distinctive characteristics.

  • Berkshire
  • British Lop
  • British Saddleback
  • Gloucestershire Old Spot
  • Large Black
  • Middle White
  • Oxford Sandy & Black
  • Tamworth
  • Kune –  Kune
  • Mangalitza’s
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