From time to time we have pork tasting events and open days. Attendance is by invitation only and places are limited, please email us your details to register interest.

Our next Pork tasting event at Heatherhurst Grange will be late May 2015. Email us at pork@heatherhurstgrange.co.uk to resister your interest as spaces are limited.


  1. would love to find out more about you produce, great that you’re just down the road from us in Dettingen Park,


    • Hi Jane,

      We’ve got a pork tasting and open day planned in May in order for local people to have a look around, and taste some of our produce. If you can’t make that we can discuss other options

      If you email me your contact details to pork@heatherhurstgrange.co.uk I’ll give you a call to discuss.

  2. Hi

    My name is Maddi, I am 9 years old. I am doing a project on pigs for school. I was wondering if I could possibly come and look at your pigs and find out some interesting facts. I would also like to take a photo of them too if that is OK.


    • Thanks Maddi, I’ve sent you an email. If you get one of your parents to contact me I’m sure we can help with your project

  3. Hi, literally just found out that you were on our doorstep (Heatherside). Would love to find out more about your produce.

    • Hi Karen, I’ll put you on our email list for notification of produce as it becomes available. Feel free to email me directly if you have any specific questions

  4. WOW to the first Sausage Saturday, you have a great location and it was wonderful to see all the animals in such good condition.

    The taster for the Sausage made me purchase 6 packs right on the spot and some honey. (The first pack or Sausages has just been used with mash and peas, thats 4 hours after we purchased them yummy).

    Thank you for Sausage Saturday it is the start for me using my most local producer.

  5. Thanks guys for a great event! Can’t wait for roast pork tomorrow, and sausage and mash later in the week!! I’ve just uploaded some pics from today to Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/markqpr/sets/72157627829309543/

    • What a chic office. I worekd for her grandmother’s firm in the seventies and remember her grandmother and grandfather and all of the executives in the NY office at the time. I’ve followed Aerin’s career with interest and I’m so pleased for her and her new venture. And yes, Mrs. Lauder did believe in color and remember well the Big Apple Red colors.Sam

  6. Please would you be kind enough to add me to your mailing list. I have a beautiful grandaughter called Emily who would love to see your animals, and her grandad (me) would love to taste your sausages. I think that is a bit of a win win!

  7. I didn’t know there was such a local producer on my doorstep. Please add me to your mailing list and let me know about forthcoming events. Unfortunately I’ve just missed a Sausage Saturday, hope there’s another soon.

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