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Sausage Saturday 25th May

May 19, 2013

Saturday 25th May 2013 will see our first Sausage Saturday of the year.

In preparation we have run in two of our Gloucester Old Spot guilts on Tuesday and they are now being hung at our butchers, Mark Turner & Daughters for a few days to allow the delicious taste to develop. Once ready early next week, Mark & his team will professionally make and pack our glorious sausages for sale and tasting on the day.

The Gloucester Old Spots were 15 months old, and had spent a happy, healthy and stress free life living in the woods at Heatherhurst Grange. Fed on only the best pig nuts, and the odd treat of apples, acorns, bananas and potatoes.

People often ask, do we get attached to our pigs, and the answer is of course yes. We love and care for them in all weathers, day and night to make sure they are happy and healthy. However, inevitably they must go through the farming cycle like any other meat we eat, in order for these fine and traditional rare breeds to survive and proliferate. And so it is with sadness we see them go, but with huge excitement that when our sausages are made we can say, they were happy, healthy, well looked after and locally produced.

The end product will surpass any factory produced or imported supermarket sausage by miles, but it won’t have had to travel miles and miles to do so…. On average our pork & sausages travel less than 20 miles from cradle to plate.

If you would like to try, or buy some of these beautiful sausages, and come and see our other pigs in their woodland home, our doors are open on the day from 11am until 3pm. Please drop us a note if you are coming so we can gauge numbers. We are also taking pre-orders by email to

Pre-order price £20 for 6 packs (6 sausages per pack)


Christmas Preparations have begun at Heatherhurst Grange

November 16, 2012

Earlier this week two of our Middle White Pigs went off to the abbatior after a long and happy life here at Heatherhurst Grange. As during December it is very difficult to get any butchery done as its our Butchers busiest time of year we’ve decided to get our Chipolata’s and Sausage-meat produced early in readiness for Christmas. As a result we will have delicious packs of Chipolata’s & Sausage-meat available for collection on Sunday 25th November. If purchasing for use at Christmas you will need to freeze them. As ever, they will be professionally produced by our Butcher and vacuum packed and very fresh  ready to freeze. It’s one less thing to worry about in the mad christmas shopping rush.

We will also have Chops available on the day as well. We expect demand to be very high based upon requests from last year, so please pre-order early to avoid disappointment. These products will be stunning and like nothing you can buy in the shops as we are using the prime meat as we do with our sausages, whereas most commercial Sausage-meat and Chipolata’s are produced with the off-cuts. Prices are listed below.


Chipolata’s are in packs of 12 (approx 1lb) – £5 each or 5 packs for £20


Sausage-meat is packed in a 1lb tube – £4 each or 3 tubes for £10


Chops are in packs of 4 – £10 per pack


Please order early to avoid disappointment. If you cannot make the collection on Sunday 25th November we can arrange alternative collection or if very local I can deliver. Please confirm your order by return email, or let us know if you have any questions.



A taste of Deepcut reared Pork

August 23, 2012

As most of you know we have spent four years breeding and rearing a number of different breeds of pig, and we have  settled on the Middle White as our chosen Rare breed to produce Pork. The Middle White has a good temperament, and produces simply the tastiest pork ever. In July last Year, Basil the Pedigree Middle White Boar came to stay with Pearl, our breeding Sow, and at the end of October ’11 seven little piglets were born right here at Heatherhurst Grange. Having been loved and cared for and allowed to grow slowly over the past ten months, fed on the finest pig nuts the time has come for some more of them to go, and for the farming cycle to continue.

As a result we have available some Porky Parcels and individual Pork joints for pre order now, which will be available for collection on Saturday 1st September.  We only have limited quantities so please email by return to avoid disappointment. Prices and quantities of this amazing rare breed Pork which will be professionally butchered and vacuum packed are as follows;

Porky Parcel £85.00

This constitutes a quarter of a pig and represents a great quantity to stock your freezer which includes;

Shoulder Joint, Leg Joint, Belly Joint, Rack of Ribs, 8 Loin chops, 2 chump chops, 3 Packs Sausages, Liver, Trotter

Individual Packs of Chops, Ribs or Sausages – 5 Packs £20

4 Loin chops – £10

Rack of Ribs – £10

Due to the slow growing nature of the Middle White, this isn’t a breed widely available in the shops but its taste is unrivalled. This is truly local produce as these pigs were born and reared here at Heatherhurst Grange and will have travelled less than 27 food miles in total, from here to the abattoir (6 miles), to the butchers (11 miles) and back to Heatherhurst Grange (10 miles).


Spring into Action

April 12, 2012

After a cold and dark winter period of 4 months, the Heatherhurst Grange animals are looking forward to spring and as the days get longer and the temperature rises it’s time to start planning for the summer ahead. The heavy snow a few weeks ago is just a fading memory.

Our middle white piglets are 5 months old now and growing at a rapid rate. When they were at the end of January, Pearl ( our breeding sow) went off to stay at Clear Barn Farm for a few weeks of respite having given birth and reared her first litter of 7 she needed a well earned break.  Pearl arrived back last week and is now separated from her litter so she can relax for a while.

Our flock is somewhat depleted after the departure of our Turkeys at Christmas, and the customer feedback this year was better than ever with repeat orders already received, so we will most likely double the number of chicks arriving in May to meet demand.

In the mean time we bought some new hens (Welsomers and Legbar Silver Lace crosses) in March to make up for a few lost to the fox during the snow, and to increase our hen to cockerel ratio. What a surprise we had when we realised our ledbar crosses lay blue eggs.

Our Bees are now flying on a regular basis for the first time since last autumn, and first inspections of the hives will take place this week weather permitting as their population starts to rise dramatically to cope with honey production during the nectar flows of early summer.

Plans for the spring and summer include another Sausage Saturday on the 28th of April, and as ever please drop us an email if attending as spaces are limited.

We will also be curing some Hams and Bacon from our saddlebacks and planning our breeding program and stock levels to meet our needs for the coming 12 months. Hopefully April showers will abate later this month and then roll on summer !


Heatherhurst Grange Blog is re-born….

October 7, 2011

To celebrate, it’s Sausage Saturday on 22nd October 2011 between 1pm and 4pm

Sausage Saturday is an informal open day and an opportunity to come and try our sausages made from our very own home produced pork, and meet some of our pigs.

It’s been nearly 12 months since our last blog, not due to lack of interest nor activity, simply lack of time due to pressure of work in tough economic times. Running our small holding whilst holding down a full time job has proved challenging but rewarding in equal measure, but has left no time to publicise our exploits to the local community.

During the last year we have continued to rear our herd of rare breed pigs, our geese and chicken flocks, as well as our turkeys and bees. Our passion for producing high quality, good value and locally reared produce right here in Surrey Heath has never faltered and during the last year our friends and neighbours have supported our endeavours throughout, enjoying our produce with us.

Due to increasing demand, we feel it is now time to re-launch our project to the local community and hence our blog will be re-invigorated and published every month, along with regular tweets, and more frequent open days to keep the people of Surrey Heath in touch with what local and sustainable food production really means.

On Sausage Saturday we will have our sausages, pork joints and our very own honey for sale all sourced here in Deepcut. Whether you want to buy some of our produce or just pop in to meet the animals, as Surrey Heath Residents you are welcome either way.

Spaces are limited so please register your attendance via email to, or visit our website

http://www.heatherhurst for more information.