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New Arrivals

October 30, 2011

It’s been a week since sausage saturday and we are still overwhelmed with the response from residents and the feedback we have had about the quality of our produce. However much we think our pork is great, the fact that really discerning local customers agree is heart-warming to say the least.

The cycle of farming even on a small scale is incredible. Back in July Basil the pure bred middle white boar came to stay with our 1 year old gilt, Pearl. Three months, three weeks and three days later just like clockwork Pearl started farrowing on Friday night at 6pm and by 3.30am she had 7 lovely little middle white piglets. Although we were on hand to assist if required, Pearl was remarkable in delivering, cleaning and feeding her offspring, without any assistance and by pure instinct alone.

We had a sleepless night running back and forth to check all was ok, but the birth was text book perfect. Pearl cleaned up the Ark, made a nest from straw and then settled down to feed her litter. As first timers, we had moments of concern which were addressed via a hotline and many calls to our friend Graham at Wildcroft Rare Breeds, plus one or two calls to our original Mentor Tony York at Pig Paradise and our friendly vet at Hunters Lodge with calls of “should this be happening.. or what do we do if…” we got through the panic while Pearl did all the hard work, taking the whole thing in her stride.

Thanks to Pearl (and Basil of course), the Heatherhurst Grange story evolves further with the creation of our own stock born right here in Deepcut. Our registration with the Pig Breeders Association is complete and our venture to develop our sustainable local smallholding goes on….