Sausage Saturday 25th May

May 19, 2013

Saturday 25th May 2013 will see our first Sausage Saturday of the year.

In preparation we have run in two of our Gloucester Old Spot guilts on Tuesday and they are now being hung at our butchers, Mark Turner & Daughters for a few days to allow the delicious taste to develop. Once ready early next week, Mark & his team will professionally make and pack our glorious sausages for sale and tasting on the day.

The Gloucester Old Spots were 15 months old, and had spent a happy, healthy and stress free life living in the woods at Heatherhurst Grange. Fed on only the best pig nuts, and the odd treat of apples, acorns, bananas and potatoes.

People often ask, do we get attached to our pigs, and the answer is of course yes. We love and care for them in all weathers, day and night to make sure they are happy and healthy. However, inevitably they must go through the farming cycle like any other meat we eat, in order for these fine and traditional rare breeds to survive and proliferate. And so it is with sadness we see them go, but with huge excitement that when our sausages are made we can say, they were happy, healthy, well looked after and locally produced.

The end product will surpass any factory produced or imported supermarket sausage by miles, but it won’t have had to travel miles and miles to do so…. On average our pork & sausages travel less than 20 miles from cradle to plate.

If you would like to try, or buy some of these beautiful sausages, and come and see our other pigs in their woodland home, our doors are open on the day from 11am until 3pm. Please drop us a note if you are coming so we can gauge numbers. We are also taking pre-orders by email to pork@heatherhurstgrange.co.uk

Pre-order price £20 for 6 packs (6 sausages per pack)

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