A taste of Deepcut reared Pork

August 23, 2012

As most of you know we have spent four years breeding and rearing a number of different breeds of pig, and we have  settled on the Middle White as our chosen Rare breed to produce Pork. The Middle White has a good temperament, and produces simply the tastiest pork ever. In July last Year, Basil the Pedigree Middle White Boar came to stay with Pearl, our breeding Sow, and at the end of October ’11 seven little piglets were born right here at Heatherhurst Grange. Having been loved and cared for and allowed to grow slowly over the past ten months, fed on the finest pig nuts the time has come for some more of them to go, and for the farming cycle to continue.

As a result we have available some Porky Parcels and individual Pork joints for pre order now, which will be available for collection on Saturday 1st September.  We only have limited quantities so please email by return to avoid disappointment. Prices and quantities of this amazing rare breed Pork which will be professionally butchered and vacuum packed are as follows;

Porky Parcel £85.00

This constitutes a quarter of a pig and represents a great quantity to stock your freezer which includes;

Shoulder Joint, Leg Joint, Belly Joint, Rack of Ribs, 8 Loin chops, 2 chump chops, 3 Packs Sausages, Liver, Trotter

Individual Packs of Chops, Ribs or Sausages – 5 Packs £20

4 Loin chops – £10

Rack of Ribs – £10

Due to the slow growing nature of the Middle White, this isn’t a breed widely available in the shops but its taste is unrivalled. This is truly local produce as these pigs were born and reared here at Heatherhurst Grange and will have travelled less than 27 food miles in total, from here to the abattoir (6 miles), to the butchers (11 miles) and back to Heatherhurst Grange (10 miles).


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  3. Jen,Glad to know you are feeling betetr. I really appreciate your willingness to share your personal thoughts and emotions on your blog. I continue to pray daily for you for both physical and emotional strength. I enjoyed reading your last blog about your mom. She is a special lady and I am so thankful you have her to help you get through all of this (along with the rest of your family and friends). I hope you can have a nice holiday weekend with your family!

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