Spring into Action

April 12, 2012

After a cold and dark winter period of 4 months, the Heatherhurst Grange animals are looking forward to spring and as the days get longer and the temperature rises it’s time to start planning for the summer ahead. The heavy snow a few weeks ago is just a fading memory.

Our middle white piglets are 5 months old now and growing at a rapid rate. When they were at the end of January, Pearl ( our breeding sow) went off to stay at Clear Barn Farm for a few weeks of respite having given birth and reared her first litter of 7 she needed a well earned break.  Pearl arrived back last week and is now separated from her litter so she can relax for a while.

Our flock is somewhat depleted after the departure of our Turkeys at Christmas, and the customer feedback this year was better than ever with repeat orders already received, so we will most likely double the number of chicks arriving in May to meet demand.

In the mean time we bought some new hens (Welsomers and Legbar Silver Lace crosses) in March to make up for a few lost to the fox during the snow, and to increase our hen to cockerel ratio. What a surprise we had when we realised our ledbar crosses lay blue eggs.

Our Bees are now flying on a regular basis for the first time since last autumn, and first inspections of the hives will take place this week weather permitting as their population starts to rise dramatically to cope with honey production during the nectar flows of early summer.

Plans for the spring and summer include another Sausage Saturday on the 28th of April, and as ever please drop us an email if attending as spaces are limited.

We will also be curing some Hams and Bacon from our saddlebacks and planning our breeding program and stock levels to meet our needs for the coming 12 months. Hopefully April showers will abate later this month and then roll on summer !

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