Heatherhurst Grange

Heatherhurst Grange is our smallholding in the heart of Surrey Heath near Deepcut. We keep Chickens, Geese, Turkeys, Bees and our pure bred Pig Herd. At Heatherhurst Grange we produce high quality pork from traditional rare breed ‘free to roam’ pigs, with full traceability of their origins and feeding regime. Our Pigs are housed in wooden pig arks, in a large enclosure with freedom to root and roam at their will. They live in a sunny woodland plot with natural shade provided by oak trees, a muddy wallow, fresh water daily, healthy natural diet and lots of human contact.

We also produce our own Honey (or our bees do) and Turkeys for Christmas.


  • Traditional English rare breeds that bring a smile to your face NOT a frown to your brow
  • Locally reared in Deepcut NOT miles away so you know exactly where they come from
  • Naturally fed with pig nuts that do NOT contain GM nor any growth enhancing additives
  • Bred for quality NOT quantity because we know what you eat really matters
  • Naturally reared and free to roam throughout their entire lives NOT factory farmed
  • Producing pork tasting like it used to NOT tasting like cardboard
  • Order a Quarter, Half or Whole pig or some of our delicious Sausages
  • Professionally Butchered and packed to order


  1. Had a great evening at the grange. Beautiful grounds for the pigs, and numerous other animals all housed well. The pork tasting event was well arranged and tasted delightful!! All questions were answered thouroughly, and when I get back of holiday and the freezer is low, will deffinately order a quarter of pig, so looking forward to any other involvment with Heatherhurst.

  2. How nice to read about Heatherhurst Grange. Actually there is a long history of pigs being raised in the village. There used to be a pig farm at Mary Spillers between the canal and the railway on Deepcut Bridge Road. Also in this area, the Monastery farm at Farnborough Abbey raise rare breed pigs, as well as rare breed chickens, sheep and cattle. The Abbot also keeps bees and will no doubt collect swarms on request as he it building another 100 hives to add to his already extensive apiary.
    I also keep rare breed chickens but plans to breed them were dashed by Surrey Heath Borough Council Environmental Health, who in a typical “Jobsworth” attitude informed me that we do not live in a village but in a suburb of Camberley and the keeping of cockerels is not permitted and I had to cull some of mine. Others went up to the Abbey though but it is getting more difficult to keep chickens because of the number of Urban Foxes roaming the area (about which Environmental Health will do nothing despite the fact that they are classed as vermin). I also have a number of Quail (but it is illegal to let those run free in the garden) and this morning (23rd June) I had a Bourbon Red turkey hatch in the incubator. Certainly there is nothing like having fresh, home reared produce to put on the table.

  3. The sausages were the best I’ve ever had, all others don’t even come close. If there is space for us to attend the next sausage Saturday we would love to come and see you all and buy a few packets!! 🙂

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  4. Loved the photo of your new piglets. Pleas keep us in mind for one of your open days . Would love to come
    Best wishes

  5. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info.

    I’m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. When Are you going to have some more sausages? I seem to off your email hit list as I have not heard anything lately,
    Dai Davies

  7. Hi – I thought I was on your distribution list but I seem to have been
    lost somewhere. I have always enjoyed your sausages and hope
    to again soon.
    Please keep me in touch.
    Dai Davies

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  9. Hi, can you tell me if you do hog roasts?

    My email: bevharding@aol.com

  10. Sounds great , will be shopping soon

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